Friday, 24 April 2015

Disney On Ice at The SSE Arena, Wembley! [23rd April 2015]

Last night we took my daughter Aaliyah and my little cousin Alyza to watch Disney On Ice at Wembley and it was so much fun! We booked the tickets a couple of months back and I really wanted to get floor tickets but unfortunately they were sold out already so we settled for the higher seats. I was worried that it was too high up for the kids and that they weren't gonna be able to see properly but it was actually not bad at all! I really wanted to vlog yesterday but we were running late already. The show started at 7pm and we were in our seats 10 minutes before the show. But at least we got there on time, lol.

The view from our seats!
The characters also skated around the whole of the ice rink so we managed to see everyone! I wasn't able to take a lot of pictures during the actual show as I was too busy watching my daughter's reactions when she saw the Disney characters especially Anna and Elsa from Frozen! My daughter adores Frozen so much and she knows all the words to the songs. She even looked at her dress the first time Elsa came out. It's like she couldn't believe that Elsa was a real person! She had so much fun and we had a good time watching her dancing, clapping and singing along!

Here are some pictures of Aaliyah and Alyza from last night!

Alyza and her Elsa doll which we bought from the stalls. The merchandise were a bit pricey! But we wanted he girls to have their own souvenirs.

Queen Elsa!

After the show with their light up wands!

Aaliyah Rose and her OOTD yesterday! She loves this Elsa dress which we bought from Costco for only £8! Such a bargain.   

We definitely had fun last night and it was worth it!
Til the next blog post! xo