Sunday, 31 January 2016

Barcelona, Spain [October 2015]

Super duper late post from October! I am no good at keeping up with my blog at all forgive me! I am more active on Instagram so make sure to follow me on there too :)

ANYWAYS. Last October, me and my beautiful little family headed to Barcelona, Spain for the weekend! It was a very short trip but a memorable one indeed. Barcelona is beautiful! I've always wanted to go to Spain so I'm very happy I can tick that off my bucket list. I'm looking forward to visiting other parts of Spain in the future. Madrid is definitely on top of the list!

It was also our first family holiday together and Aaliyah's first time to go on an airplane! It was a short flight, but I was dreading it. But she was actually so good during the flight! It was only when we were about to land that she started playing up. Other than that, she was well behaved. She had a nap, ate her snacks and did some colouring. Very proud of her :)

Here are some pictures from our trip. Happy viewing! :)