Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Free Glasses from Firmoo!

A couple of weeks ago, I received an email from a company called Firmoo ( asking if I wanted to receive for FREE one of their products and give a review on my blog. I went to the website straight away to see if it was legit and even googled some other blogs that have done the review and all looked good to me! I emailed back and they responded quite quickly giving me the details on how to claim my free glasses. It was either a prescription glasses or sunglasses but since my eyesight is so bad and I always wear glasses or contact lenses, I opted for the prescription glasses.

I went on the website to choose and boy did I have a hard time! There were so many varieties of different glasses to choose from and they all looked so pretty! After spending some time on the website I chose #SD2383 in Red since all my glasses have always been in black, I thought this would be a nice change :) You can find this glasses by clicking this here. It also comes in full black, blue or matte. It's very easy to fill in the form and enter your prescription too.

After receiving an email from firmoo saying my glasses have been shipped, I received it today after about 5 working days! Very quick delivery. It came with a hard case as well as a soft case as seen in the photo above. Also with a bright green cleaning cloth which is very helpful.

It also came with this cute tiny screw driver so you can adjust your glasses if it doesn't fit you just right. I didn't actually need to use this because the glasses fit me perfectly!

How cute are the glasses right? I'm really happy with the frame that I chose. The size and shape is perfect for my face shape and it's not too big either so it doesn't drown out my face or anything :) The black and red goes so well together. I will definitely be wearing these glasses when I'm giving my eyes a break from contact lenses. 

The other thing which I really loved about Firmoo is that they have a first pair free program which you can check out here. Glasses are now definitely a fashion accessory and it's not just worn by people with problems with their eyesight. You can even get non-prescription glasses and sunglasses from Firmoo which is great. And to get your first pair for free to try them out is even more great! I really recommend to give Firmoo a try as I am very happy with my glasses and the service. Thanks firmoo!



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    You look beautiful!
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  2. Mine fitted great too! Great choice! x

  3. Those glasses look beautiful on you! The frame is just perfect. :)

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  5. Cute glasses, love it!

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  7. firmoo is really awesome! their glasses are beautiful and so affordable! :D

    <3, Mimi
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  8. quirky cute!

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  10. Those are really cute ! They look adorable on you.

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