Tuesday, 11 December 2012

It's been awhile...

because I'm really sick atm :( 

Hospital. Anti-biotics. Asthma pump. I've got the flu, sinus infection and apparently Asthma! Do you know what's weird? I've never had Asthma before so this inhaler thing is totally new to me! :S

I've been ill for nearly over a week now! This is one of the things I don't like about winter. I get ill so easily because my immune system is too weak. I totally shouldn't be on my laptop right now but I wanted to do a quick post and quickly check out what's going on in the Internet world! I miss working and going out and dressing up and getting ready. I look like complete crap right now and I feel even worse than I look! I hope that I get better soon because I've had enough of feeling totally weak. 

As soon as I'm up and feeling better, promise for new pictures and posts! Hope everyone is all well. It's definitely flu season and the freezing weather is not helping at all. Wrap up warm! <3

- andreadxo


  1. I hope you got well soon! and thank you for following me, I follow you back on GFC and BLOGLOVIN! xoxo

  2. Awe feel better.