Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Holiday Season!

Hello everyone! I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas yesterday and are enjoying the holiday season so far :) I've not been up to much really. Just been eating and sleeping a lot. Ooooh, and shopping online! So far so good :) Anyways, I just wanted to quickly share a couple of outfits :)

19 weeks pregnant :) This was taken before church and Christmas dinner with my family and boyfriend. The dress is from H&M. I love the colour and it fits so perfectly even with my growing baby bump! :) 

This was the last day of my internship and the Christmas lunch that we had :) The top is from forever21. I think the studs on the collar looks great! Some people even asked if I DIY'd this myself. I'm also wearing maternity jeans from H&M which are so much more comfortable. Well, I can't even wear some of my clothes anymore they are far too tight for me! I'm not planning on buying a lot of maternity clothes though. Mostly just jeans and leggings since normal tops and dresses still fit me anyways. And I won't be able to wear the maternity clothes anymore after I've given birth. :P 

- andreadxo


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  2. Pretty outfits!
    Best wishes during your pregnancy!

  3. It must be exciting watching it grow best of luck, love the blue top!

  4. Pregnancy really suits you! Congrats! Love your outfits

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  7. Ahh your baby bump is too cute! You look gorgeous. Great blog! x