Sunday, 13 January 2013

Baby joy, new year, second anniversary. [Late upload]

Hey lovelies. I know it has been so long since I last updated my blog! I apologize. There has been a lot going on! But I'm here for a massive update on pretty much everything!

First of all, we're having a baby girl! We had our ultrasound scan on the 31st December 2012 and we found out that our baby is healthy baby girl! It was such a great way to end 2012 and welcome the New Year. I wouldn't have been disappointed if it was a baby boy. My ultimate wish is to have a safe delivery and a healthy happy baby. Michael was a bit disappointed though. He really wanted a boy! He said girls are too expensive especially when they grow up. Well, I think that's true especially if she's going to be anything like her mummy who is obsessed with shopping! :)

Happiness! :)

To celebrate our baby girl, I wore my favourite colour Pink for our New Year's eve party that night! I seriously cannot wait to start shopping for cute clothes for my baby. I've seen so many already that I want to buy! Anyway, this top is from New Look. I bought it ages ago but I never really had the chance to wear it. I just wore it with my maternity leggings because it's the only thing I'm comfortable wearing at the moment. Plus baggy tops! :) Even though this top isn't a maternity top, I think it accentuated my bump nicely.
New Year's Eve Outfit.

Another celebration was my cousin Alyza's Fourth birthday! Absolutely love her to bits. She's such a smart, talented, beautiful little girl and she never fails to make me smile or make me laugh especially when I'm a bit down. She asked my dad for a birthday cake too and we ordered a princess barbie cake for her! She's always wanted one and she absolutely loved it. Too bad she couldn't eat any of it... she's allergic to eggs! My poor baby. But still, she was really happy and she didn't want us to cut it :)
Alyza's Fourth Birthday. 

Celebrations didn't end there. On the 3rd of January, it was me and Michael's second year anniversary! So of course that was another thing to celebrate and it was so fun! He had work in the morning so in the evening, we went to Meat Liquor in Bond St. for dinner. I've heard great things about it so we had to try it out for ourselves! We actually had to queue up for about 40 minutes. I was so hungry but we thought we would just wait since we were already there. The food was really nice. And surprisingly affordable! I had a cheeseburger and fries and we also ordered some bingo wings to share. The only thing was, it was so dark inside that I couldn't take a picture of my food. It was so loud too so it was kind of hard to talk. Maybe it wasn't the best option for a dinner date. But we still had fun :) After dinner we went to the cinema to watch Pitch Perfect. Funniest film I have ever seen in a long time! I really recommend it. I was laughing from start to end. I wouldn't mind watching it again too.

But the best part of the anniversary, presents! I got him a pair of low top converses in indigo, levis 511 in blue, a vans iphone case and a denim polo shirt from uniqlo. :)

He loved his presents but in all honesty, I loved the presents he gave me more! He spoiled me so much!

He got me two pairs of vans! The one on the left is black leather which is gorgeous and the one on the right is a pair of espadrilles which will be perfect for the spring/summer season! He knows I love Vans and I do have my own collection so this is perfect.

Real techniques starter set! Real techniques brushes have been on my wishlist for so long so you wouldn't believe how happy I was when I saw this! I will be doing a review on the brushes soon. I have heard such amazing things about real techniques so I'm so excited to use them!

A classic casio watch is another item from my wishlist! I did want the gold one, but the silver one is just as perfect and will be such pretty arm candy! I know it'll go so well with any outfit so I know I will be wearing this watch a lot :) 

And last but not the least, a Ralph Lauren sweater in Cream! I was not expecting this at all. I loved it! He got me a slightly bigger size than what  would usually get, but it's such a perfect fit especially with my growing bump. I will definitely do an OOTD with this sweater. I'm excited with what I can match with it!
At the end of our anniversary date! :) 
That was my January 2013 update! I promise it won't take me so long to update again. I definitely have more time for my blog now and I'm rather excited! I hope you all had a lovely weekend and are all ready for the new week ahead of us. Stay blessed and safe everyone!

- andreadxo


  1. Lovely blog! Congrats, you are glowng! x, Kat

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  3. oh wow, exciting news!! a big congrats to you Andrea :) i'm so glad you're having a health baby girl. you look so radiant! xo

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