Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Uni, media, experience...

Now that I'm free from the chains of education and stress, I finally have time to do the things I didn't have time to do when I was caught up with coursework, exams and dissertation work! I can finally blog properly again! I'm so excited to get back into blogging because it really has been awhile. I used to be able to blog almost everyday but ever since things got hectic with university as well as my part time job, I hardly had anytime for hobbies. My main focus was on meeting all my deadlines and revising for my exams. I can put all the stress behind for now until my results come out which will be in about two weeks time! I'm so scared and excited for it. I want to know, but I don't. I just hope I passed everything with flying colours!

Now that uni is over, I've just been chilling a lot and working over the weekend trying to save up. I still can't believe that uni is over now. It's pretty weird not going back to uni in September. I am enjoying the freedom, but at the same time it's pretty scary that I have to go into the real world now. From studying Media and Sociology, it really increased my passion and dream of wanting to work in the media industry ever since I was in year 11. Although I'm still not really sure what I really want to do because I want to learn and experience everything! From advertising and PR, to television production, magazine publishing and social media as well as research, I just want to know what I will be good at really. It's just so hard for me and it feels like I'm at a disadvantage when applying for work experience and internships because I haven't had any experience yet. And the media industry is such a hard industry to get into because it's so competitive. I have applied to some internships and I've emailed my CV to a few companies, I'm just waiting to hear from them soon. I had an interview at Inspiring Interns earlier today and I also filmed a video CV which I hope will boost my chances of getting experience. I'm really willing to work hard just so I can gain experience and hopefully kick start my career in media.

So now the waiting game begins :) I'm still going to carry on applying to different positions I will find online and also keep emailing my CV's to companies and employers. I know this is not going to be easy, but I am willing to work hard for this and I know it'll be worth it :)


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