Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Let me introduce you to... Blogilates!

Meet Cassey Ho. A pilates and fitness instructor, a blogger, youtuber and a designer. I've always had a passion for fitness and working out and I'm always on the look out for new ways to work out. I have discovered many workout videos on youtube but I got bored of them pretty quickly. My friend told me about pilates but I've never done it before and wasn't really sure what it was like. So being the social media addict that I am, I decided to look it up on youtube and this is when I discovered Blogilates. I watched a few of her videos and I was instantly charmed by her. She had this glowing smile even when she was doing the most difficult poses or moves and over time I found that this is what really motivates me to do her workout videos.

She has such a wide variety of videos from cardio to toning different parts of your body plus my personal favourite her song challenges which works out a certain part of your body to a song voted by her followers. Not only does she keep us fit, she also makes sure that we look good while we work out by sharing with us her favourite fitness fashion and also by offering fashion give aways and competitions mostly from her own shop. Her oGorgeous apparel has so many cute things like shorts, tank tops and yoga bags! I have my eye on so many things that I wanna order especially her top with my favourite quote from her "train insane or remain the same" Not only does she give us tips on fitness fashion, but she also shares with us recipes that will help us eat clean. She also offers meal plans on her website and takes pictures of the healthy yummy foods she eats which I find motivating too :)

Cassey is definitely an inspiration. She is so passionate and she loves what she does and her positivity definitely radiates off my laptop screen when I work out along with her on youtube. Even though her videos are watched by many, it feels personal when I work out along to her videos because she talks while she works out and I think this is what keeps me going and what keeps me wanting more! She does live on the other side of the pond and I really hope she pays London a visit and do a live class! It would be so amazing. If she ever comes here, I HAVE to meet her :)

Check her out on and on youtube: and see what blogilates is all about!

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