Wednesday, 4 July 2012


Overall I got a 2:1! Words aren't enough how happy and pleased I am with myself. I worked so hard the past three years, went through so much stress but I can say that it has definitely paid off and it is so worth it. The feeling is just amazing.  I cannot wait til our graduation! It's not until the 19th September, but yesterday I went to a pre-graduation photoshoot with my family. It was just an overwhelming feeling. Wearing the gown and the toga was amazing. Graduation is going to be so good I honestly cannot wait!

This is me putting on the toga and the robe for the first time and getting ready to have my picture taken! I had the biggest, most cheesiest smile on my face. I seriously cannot wait to order the photographs.
This is the picture with my family. My parents were more excited than me to have our picture taken. I am so glad I have made my parents proud.

This is my graduation portrait! :) I never smile like this in pictures, but I couldn't help it yesterday! :D 

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